News from the baiosphere

The decision-making logic of Large Language Models often seems highly complex. Explainable AI aims to shed light on the darkness and make it understandable. After all, when using AI technologies, regulations must also be observed.
The Sonate-2 nanosatellite has started its journey into space on board a SpaceX rocket. Its collected image data will be analyzed with the help of AI and should provide information about objects and phenomena in the solar system.
We congratulate AI Council member Prof. Albu-Schäffer, Institute Director at DLR, on his appointment as relAI Fellow. In addition to him, relAI welcomes four other Fellows whose research contributes to reliable AI.
AI Council member Ute Schmid and other professors from the University of Bamberg provided insights into BaCAI research. The symposium focused on the successful integration of AI in the company.
Professor Johannes Kinder emphasizes the need to protect home PCs from malware and security vulnerabilities. His team develops methods for software security and relies on AI. But where are the vulnerabilities?
In collaboration with international partners, Applied AI is launching the "AI Start-Ups Europe" initiative, which aims to provide an overview of and network with European start-ups in the AI sector.
Apply until April 30 via the bidt for the StMWK's funding line to support your research in the field of AI. Funding is available for up to ten postdoctoral positions from the first or second year after the doctorate.
How far along are we with AI development compared to other countries? For TUM Professor Stephan Günnemann, Germany has some catching up to do when it comes to transferring AI research into application, especially in the start-up sector.
At the Radiology AI Summit, experts from business, medicine and politics discussed the use of AI in healthcare. The focus was on better health outcomes. The success promises a sequel in London 2025!
With Digital Minister Dr. Mehring as patron and 1E9, the XR HUB Bavaria is launching the New Realities competition. XR is the interface for AI - AI projects from all sectors are also invited to apply by April 30.