News from the baiosphere

You want to know all about the Bavarian AI scene, its players and opportunities? Our team is ready to give you first-hand information on AI people, companies, research institutions, and support programs in Bavaria.
Artificial intelligence in music, journalism, and the regulation and democratization of AI were just some of the diverse topics at the DLD AI Summit at Amerikahaus in Munich.
The future of mobility: From safe autonomous vehicles with data protection functions to urban air mobility and the use of AI in traffic control - Ingolstadt presents itself as a modern mobility region.
Exclusive Talent Pipeline: Companies and founders benefit from world-class AI talents with the AI Career Kickstart Program.
Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis Thanks to AI: Researchers from Helmholtz Munich and TU Dresden utilize AI models for rapid prediction of biomarkers, accelerating treatment decisions, and enabling more precise therapeutic approaches.
AI systems like ChatGPT pass the Turing test but show human-like errors. Aldo Faisal on ways to distinguish AI-generated text from human-written text.
MIRMI researchers have developed the generalized Safe Motion Unit (gSMU) as a tool for "pre-collision control" of almost all types of robots. The new safety concept is based on a modular approach.
Students from the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the University of Music and Theatre Munich will jointly learn AI technologies to drive innovation in the cultural and creative industries starting in the winter semester.
Software engineering and AI are becoming increasingly important for SMEs to remain competitive. THI, OTH and fortiss offer support to Bavarian SMEs through the Bavarian Center for Software Innovation.
"With the latest breakthroughs in AI, robots are becoming so versatile and intelligent that they can easily be used by non-roboticists."- Prof. Albu-Schäffer, Director of the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics.