homenews ” ai as a key technology for smes: insights into the upper franconian conference on ai at the university of bamberg

AI as a key technology for SMEs: Insights into the Upper Franconian AI symposium at the University of Bamberg

The Upper Franconia district group of the vbw and bayme vbm, in cooperation with the KMU-KI-EZ (KMU-KI-Erfahrungszentrum) and the BaCAI (Bamberg Center for AI Research) of the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg, dedicated a symposium to the use of AI-based technologies in companies.

The symposium focused on the latest BaCAI research topics and their applicability for SMEs.

Known for its interdisciplinary AI research, the University of Bamberg presented four research areas:

  • Christian Ledig presented advanced techniques in the field of deep learning for image analysis and classification
  • Stefan Ultes researched the creation and application of language models, which are crucial for communication between humans and machines
  • Markus Rickert shared strategies for improving collaboration between humans and robots and redesigning workplaces with cobots
  • AI Council member Ute Schmid emphasized the importance of ethics and trustworthiness in AI development and argued for a regulatory framework that balances innovation and avoids overregulation in line with the upcoming European AI law

AI integration in the company

A practical case study by Ralf Thiehofe, CEO of Rupp + Hubrach Optik GmbH, provided insights into the implementation of AI: actively involving employees and facilitating the exchange of specialist knowledge are crucial for the successful integration of AI into day-to-day operations. For the future of Bavaria as a business location, the opportunities offered by AI must be exploited as effectively as possible.

AI-based technology cannot replace people, but it can counteract the shortage of skilled workers in certain areas. AI already performs certain tasks faster and more precisely than humans.

Overall, the symposium provided valuable insights for companies looking to harness the power of AI and emphasized the synergy between academic knowledge and practical business applications in SMEs – fertile ground for innovative AI solutions.