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Women in AI & Robotics - Anniversary at DLR on International Women's Day

Last Friday, our partner Women in AI & Robotics celebrated its three-year anniversary on International Women’s Day. The event took place at the German Aerospace Center (DLR ) at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics in Oberpfaffenhofen and included short presentations and live demos by DLR developers.

Women currently only account for around 12 percent of inventions in Germany. In her keynote speech, Lioba Suchenwirth, Vice President of Women in AI & Robotics, emphasized the need to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for STEM subjects among women in order to counteract stereotypes. The international network organization aims to close the gender gap in the fields of AI and robotics and increase the participation of women through mentoring, education, hackathons and startup accelerator programs. Chair Sheila Beladinejad shared her personal experiences of unconscious bias against women.

Live demo: Human-Robot-Collaboration

In practical demonstrations, DLR developers showed how cooperation between robots and humans enables new approaches in healthcare, accessibility and industrial processes. The SMiLE2gether project is an example of how robots can support people with disabilities by improving their independence and quality of life while relieving the burden on caregivers. The wheelchair assistant EDAN can not only open doors with the help of a robotic arm attached to the wheelchair, but also press elevator buttons or serve drinks.

In the field of surgical robotics, participants also gained exciting insights into collaborative laparoscopy and flexible endoscopy, which can be used to remove kidney stones. The four-legged walking robot Bert impressed visitors with his elastic springs, which allow him to walk in different ways. The aim is to research biological locomotion.