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Munich AI Lecture Series: Realignment through baiosphere

Last week, the first step was taken to revive the acclaimed Munich AI Lecture Series under the organizational leadership of baiosphere. For this lecture series, ten internationally renowned research institutions have come together in Munich to bring the world’s leading AI researchers closer to a local audience.

Host Prof. Gitta Kutyniok from LMU invited IEEE Fellow and current President of the Korean Society for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Prof. Jong Chul Ye, to present his current research at the interface of AI and imaging science. He is internationally recognized for his contributions to signal processing and machine learning in biomedical imaging.

Key findings of the lecture by Jong Chul Ye:

  • Diffusion models have established themselves in the solution of inverse problems
  • Latent inverse diffusion solvers offer state-of-the-art performance, e.g. in image reconstruction, noise reduction and super resolution
  • Guidance by measurement, vertical plane and semantic cues can extend the application of diffusion models
  • Text-based regularization in latent inverse diffusion solvers is a promising new research approach inspired by the human brain

The Munich AI Lecture Series is now managed by baiosphere and we are looking forward to the upcoming lectures for 2024! Professor Marc Toussaint from TU Berlin has already announced his participation in the next Munich AI Lecture on April 8, 2024.