News from the baiosphere

Successful start to the ONE Munich Lecture Series: Leibniz Prize winner Wolfram Burgard presents pioneering research on autonomous robots and automated driving. We are looking forward to the upcoming presentations.
Interdisciplinary research: LMU Munich presents groundbreaking AI research and launches the innovative AI research center AIhub@LMU! The baiosphere will also be on site to provide insights into its network.
Responsible AI research on an open source basis: The "AI Alliance" with over 50 partners, including IBM, Meta and TUM, is creating an open AI ecosystem. Projects are designed to make AI transparent, accessible and safe.
Professor Aldo Faisal and his research team at the University of Bayreuth have opened the Live-in-Lab in Kulmbach. The aim is to use AI to observe people in everyday life and study their behavior.
Prosthesis and tactile exoskeleton: MIRMI presents innovative concepts for upper arm prostheses that mimic human behaviour and minimize interaction forces. Further optimizations are to follow in the future.
New opportunity for Indo-German AI projects: IGSTC's call for funding 'AI for Sustainability' for organizations from India and Germany starts in January 2024. Find the right project partner now!
The German Future Prize goes to FAU! Michael Uder and his team at Siemens Healthineers receive the Federal President's award for developing an MRI platform that enables precise diagnoses through AI.
On November 29, AI professors will provide an exciting insight into their research. The baiosphere will also be represented with an information stand and CEO Michael Klimke will open the event. Register now!
Highest research quality from Bavaria: ai council co-chairman Fabian Theis and DLR researcher Xiaoxiang Zhu were cited most frequently from 2012 to 2022 and landed in the internationally renowned Clarivate Ranking.
Progress and innovation for the future of Eastern Bavaria: The EU-funded DInO project aims to drive forward the digital transformation and strengthen the business location. We, together, digitally.