homenews ” one munich lecture series opens with leibniz prize winner wolfram burgard

ONE Munich Lecture Series opens with Leibniz Prize winner Wolfram Burgard

On Tuesday, the baiosphere, together with other partners (ONE Munich, LMU, TUM, Helmholtz Munich, Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments, Hightech Agenda Bayern and Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts) held the opening lecture of the ONE Munich Lecture Series with Leibniz Prize winner Wolfram Burgard from the Technical University of Nuremberg in the Nymphenburg Schlossrondell. His presentation highlighted the critical interface between probabilistic approaches and learning techniques in the field of autonomous robots and automated driving.

Gruppenbild von links Prof. Haddadin, Prof. Burgard, Prof. Kutyniok und Dr. Klimke

Prof. Burgard’s research results show how to address the challenges posed by imperfect sensors, actuators and mapping data: A combined approach of probabilistic robotics and deep learning that offers a promising way to navigate and adapt to the complexity of real-world environments.

He concluded the presentation with an insight into some of the latest advances in robotics, such as GraspGPT. This method enables robotic arms to grasp objects for manipulation tasks in a human-like manner by using LLMs (Large Language Models). They interpret how a person would hold the object. We are excited and looking forward to the next lectures in the series!