Project Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Achim Lilienthal, Chair of Computer Science (Örebro University)

Together with renowned partners from science and industry, such as the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Örebro in Sweden, and Robert Bosch GmbH, the project aims to develop autonomously operating robot fleets for future logistics applications. These should continuously optimize themselves and act safely and efficiently in the environment of people. The autonomous robots observe their surroundings with the aid of laser scanners and cameras. They are also able to learn and choose specific travel routes. At the same time, they can be integrated into existing warehouses, making them particularly suitable for the food distribution industry.

ILIAD results can already be found in two Bosch products. In addition, several patents and start-up companies have emerged from the project.

ILIAD launched in January 2017 and has been completed since June 2021. It received funding from Horizon 2020.