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Guide for companies on the "European AI Act" by AI Council member Prof. Eric Hilgendorf

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Artificial intelligence is not only revolutionizing research and development, but also bringing economic and social change. Related issues – for example, the consequences of erroneous or manipulative results – have preoccupied policymakers and experts in ethics and law for several years. The European Union is now reacting with the “European Artificial Intelligence Act”. The controversial EU law is expected to come into force in 2023 or 2024 to harmonize the regulations of EU member states on the subject of artificial intelligence.

European AI Act

Supported by the Bavarian AI Council: Guide for companies

But what exactly does the planned law contain and how can it be implemented, especially for companies? KI Council Member Prof. Eric Hilgendorf, Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Legal Theory, Information Law and Legal Informatics at JMU Würzburg, is a legal expert and has legal impact assessment of AI in mind for the Bavarian AI Council.

Hilgendorf, together with co-editor David Roth-Isigkeit, presents a guide in “The New EU Regulation on Artificial Intelligence” (C.H. Beck Verlag, 2023) that explains relevant legal issues and compliance requirements for companies and gives concrete examples of application.

The foundations for the book were laid in a workshop coordinated by the Bavarian AI Council. A recommended read from the baiosphere for anyone concerned with AI and law in the corporate sector.  

Here is the link to the book.