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baiosphere in Action: Strong start of the new event series AI FOR US

The rapidly increasing use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in research, development, and business is currently fueling the discussion about the challenges and opportunities of AI. Although researchers and developers are signaling that LLMs are by no means the problem solvers for all cases, their latest developments, such as Chat GPT, are reaching far more people than any previous AI-driven application. Participants in the first AI FOR US explored the question of the importance of LLMs in research and application and their conclusions for business and society.

Clarification of terms, application and outlook: Impulses at the highest level

Five short technical presentations from science, business and the media prepared the ground for the subsequent exchange of experts. From the scientific community, Prof. Gitta Kutyniok, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (mathematical foundations of reliable AI systems) and Prof. Christoph Lütge, Technische Universität München (ethics in AI), presented the current state of research. Sydne-Aline Strasser and Thomas Langkabel, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, presented their concepts of customer-oriented AI applications. Dr. Marc Al-Hames (Burda Medien) referred to the positive features of the LLM development. At the same time, he was also aware of the responsibility of media companies to classify AI-generated information for consumers.

AI regulations: Curse and blessing

A recurring theme of the afternoon was assessments of the challenges and opportunities of AI regulation. One challenge, for example, is the frequently cited concern about Germany’s economic competitiveness due to the European AI Act expected in 2023. However, the reverse conclusion also emerged among the participating AI experts in the course of the discussions: This regulation also offers the opportunity of clearly regulated “AI trustworthiness”, i.e. the trustworthiness of AI systems. According to appliedAI founder Andreas Liebl, Europe could thus even take on a pioneering role for “trustworthy AI” and be the shaper of an important pillar in the application of AI systems.

The Airbus moment for Europe

Markus Blume, Bavarian Minister of State for Science and the Arts, sees AI as a key technology at a crucial crossroads. Now, he said, the question must be asked, “Where do we want to go with AI?” He would like to see an AI development “big bang,” comparable to the pan-European Airbus project. Here, he believes that Bavaria, Germany and Europe have a duty to be technology drivers and shapers.

Seeking and creating synergies: Kick-off for interdisciplinary exchange

The expert discussions were led in an inspiring manner by DLD founder Steffi Czerny and the managing director of the Bavarian AI Agency, Dr. Michael Klimke. Founders, scientists, investors, CEOs, politicians and media makers were happy to engage with the moderated changes of perspective, as these offered valuable insights into AI areas off their own professional paths. Because the first AI FOR US event, as Steffi Czerny summed it up, will only be the beginning of a continued fruitful exchange of the Bavarian AI community across professional boundaries.
We would like to thank DLD/Hubert Burda Media for their hospitality at the Burda Bar and Microsoft Deutschland GmbH for their extraordinary support at the first AI FOR US event!