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Women in Data Science: Munich Conference - Network, Inspire, Grow!

Women are still significantly underrepresented in data science. The Women in Data Science Munich Conference helps change that by providing a platform for talented women. At the networking event, you can expect inspiring lectures by Munich female professors as well as other international experts who will be available for questions and discussions.

At the same time, speed dating enables networking and exchange. There is probably no better opportunity to make new contacts and get your career going. This interactive format is part of the WiDS event series, which has spread far beyond Munich, Bavaria, Germany and Europe, hosting regional events around the globe.

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When: June 19, 2023 from 3:30 pm

Where: TUM Think Tank | Munich School of Politics and Public Policy

Organization: Women in Data Science (WiDS) together with BERD@NFDI, LMU, MDSI, SIXT SE, TUM and TUM Think Tank.

Sounds promising? Then register now! All genders are expressly welcome.

Stanford’s WiDS initiative aims to integrate women in all areas of data science and enable them to participate equally in decision-making, economic prosperity, and opportunity. Learn more!