homenews ” the power of ki: insights and findings from the dld ai summit

The power of AI: insights and learnings from the DLD AI Summit

From AI in the music industry to the regulation of AI technologies to the democratization of generative AI, the invited speakers were as diverse as the topics at the DLD AI Summit.

One of the highlights was a performance by songwriter and music producer Niclas Molinder, who demonstrated the amazing possibilities of AI in music, including a unique rendition of “Barbie Girl” sung by Johnny Cash in country style.

Panel Talk Generative AI: Business or Feature?
Panel Talk zu Generative AI: Business or Feature?

Time for change

Jonas Andrulis, CEO of Aleph Alpha, stressed that Europe can only compete with the major AI players if we put the technology into practice and form strong partnerships.

But what does good control look like? In the discussion about AI, there is often false panic. That’s why, according to the experts, it’s also a matter of finding the right balance between promoting innovation and regulating emerging technologies.

Journalist Adrian Monck discussed the future of journalism in the Chairman’s Fireside Chat. He said change must not only be accepted, but driven forward, and the way we do journalism must change.

Future of AI

Mark Surman of the Mozilla Foundation highlighted a critical issue: election misinformation. He emphasized the potential of open source solutions to address this problem and move us toward a more transparent and trustworthy future.

Björn Ommer, professor at LMU and co-founder of the text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, shared his mission to democratize generative AI and make it more accessible to the average user. The increasing demand for computing power to train AI models is a clear sign of more complex tasks and the need for larger training datasets, he said. This presents us with the task of achieving resource independence, developing more efficient models, and democratizing AI.