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More time for the patient: Experts discuss AI in healthcare

On the topic “The Future of AI in Health – less Paperwork, more Time for the Patient!”, AI Council member Prof. Alena Buyx (TUM), Prof. Andreas Maier (FAU) and Prof. Daniel Rückert (TUM) discussed the potentials and challenges of AI in healthcare. The discussion was moderated by Prof. Katharina Breininger (FAU). Beforehand, baiosphere CEO Michael Klimke gave a brief overview of the Bavarian AI landscape and then turned the floor over to Andreas Maier for his Lightning Talk. He is betting on the use of AI in healthcare to improve diagnoses and ease the burden on medical staff. Integrating AI into clinical workflows will streamline administrative tasks and allow medical staff more time for patient care, he said.

In the ensuing discussion, the three experts emphasized the early inclusion of ethical standards in the development and implementation of AI solutions in healthcare. They said there should be implementation in the “right way” from a technical, medical and ethical perspective. Artificial intelligence has already advanced medical imaging, disease diagnosis and drug discovery. The integration of AI into clinical workflows is particularly important, in their eyes, in order to optimize administrative tasks and relieve the time burden on medical staff. This is the only way to create more time for the individual patient.

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