homenews ” journey into the world of tomorrow – festival of the future 2023

Journey to the World of Tomorrow - Festival of the Future 2023

Over the past few days, the Deutsches Museum in Munich has been transformed into a fascinating venue for the Festival of the Future 2023. The event attracted visitors from all over the world and presented innovations and technologies that will have a significant impact on our future lives.

baiosphere highlight was Prof. Björn Ommer’s presentation on “Generative AI – Brave New World?”. In it, the LMU professor reported on the advantages and current development status of the deep-learning text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, which he developed himself. He pointed to dangers and fears associated with AI – such as job loss, fake news, or misuse as a weapon – and advocated for more transparency.

Ommer’s urgent appeal to the audience was to use and apply the regulations already in place, such as the press code, and to educate future generations to use the new technology for good and make it accessible to everyone.

Large number of visitors

Guests at the Festival of the Future were able to marvel at high-tech technologies and immerse themselves in the world of tomorrow thanks to virtual reality (VR) goggles. With a mix of interactive exhibitions, lectures and workshops, the festival created an inspiring environment where visitors could expand their knowledge and stimulate their imagination. With the help of VR glasses, they were able to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, control robots or find out more about aerospace at the DLR booth.

Topics such as artificial intelligence, renewable energy, medical innovation and space exploration were the focus of the presentations and panel talks. Compared to last year, the event attracted twice as many visitors.