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EU provides 84 million EUR in project funding for AI and cybersecurity

The new funding initiative within the EU’s “Digital Europe” program addresses businesses as well as SMEs public administrations and particularly supports projects in the areas of:

  • Development of security operations centers
  • Implementation of EU-wide cyber security laws
  • Europe’s transition to post-quantum cryptography

The prerequisite is a focus on applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and other key technologies.

The funding initiative is divided into six areas of action:

  1. Development of new AI applications and technologies for security operations centers
  2. Strengthening the cyber security capacities of European SMEs
  3. Development of tools for compliance with CRA requirements and obligations.
  4. Introduction of post-quantum cryptography in industrial systems
  5. Development of standards and awareness for the European transition to post-quantum cryptography.
  6. Supporting the roadmap for the transition of European public administrations to post-quantum cryptography.

Deadlines for the submission of project proposals

Start: 16 January 2024
End:  26 March 2024 (17:00 CET)
Find more information and submission details European Cybersecurity Competence Center and Network´s website.