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baiosphere joins the Urban Air Mobility Initiative Ingolstadt

Impressive reception at the 10th network meeting at the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences: baiosphere and other partners joined the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative Ingolstadt.

In the initiative, which is supported by the EU Commission, international partners from science and industry – Airbus Defence and Space, AUDI AG, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Bavarian companies and authorities – are working together to shape the mobility of the future.

© City of Ingolstadt, Friedl/Rössle

© City of Ingolstadt, Friedl/Rössle

The declared goal is to recognize mobility as a fundamental human need, to shape urban living spaces and to protect our natural environment. Mobility in the 3rd dimension plays a special role here. Thanks to it, aviation is becoming more efficient, environmentally friendly and quieter.

We are excited to be part of this large network, working together to redefine the boundaries of mobility and pave the way to a new era.

Learn more about the use of AI in the traffic system in Ingolstadt.