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BAI.CON 2023: Exploring Mobility Research and Development Made in Bavaria

The inaugural Bavarian Artificial Intelligence Conference, BAI.CON 2023, concluded on October 5th. Over two days, it showcased presentations and workshops centered on AI-related topics. baiosphere was a principal partner, collaborating closely with organizer AImotion Bavaria.

BAI.CON 2023 featured in-depth discussions across four primary tracks: public transport, mobility data, production data, and AI’s role in Bavaria’s mobility. baisophere promoted the latter track, addressing pivotal subjects such as AI’s role in enhancing vehicle safety, the reliability of AI solutions in the automotive sector, the prediction of trajectories for vulnerable road users (VRUs), and the application of generative AI within the automotive industry, all multifaceted challenges inherent in public spaces.

Key presentations in this track were delivered by Session Chair Prof. Michael Botsch from TH Ingolstadt, and speaker of baiospere´s Mobility Hub, research engineer Oliver De Candido from neurocat GmbH, Prof. Konrad Doll from TH Aschaffenburg, Marek Mayer from CARIAD, Jonas Schneider from E:FS Tech Hub GmbH, Prof. Jürgen Wunderlich from the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, and Dr.-Ing. Gero Kempf from Audi AG.

The 250 attendees also had the chance to experience firsthand AI advancements. This included exhibits like the Turtle Bot, the robot-dog SPIKE, and a live demonstration of autonomous driving at the CARISSMA development site.

We are looking forward to the new edition of this new conference series and the BAI.CON 2024!