homenews ” ai – where is the journey going?

AI - where is the journey going?

On Tuesday evening, members of the ver.di trade union were able to find out more about artificial intelligence, a topic that is largely unknown to many. AI expert Tristan Post gave a presentation on “AI – where is the journey going?” at the Impact Hub Munich.

The aim was to get AI into the minds of employees, educate them and, above all, highlight the opportunities offered by the technology.

Tristan Post first gave a historical overview and explained that AI has existed since 1956 with the IBM algorithm that was able to defeat a human at chess for the first time. He emphasized the four added values of AI: cost reduction, decision making, personalization and product enhancement as well as new creations.

ver.di Event zu "KI - wohin geht die Reise?" mit Tristan Post

Impetus for the future

An important conclusion of the presentation was that AI is not bad per se, but that it depends on how it is used. AI will not replace people, but people who can handle AI will replace those who cannot. AI literacy is therefore of central importance. The motto should be: How can we become better with AI? – and not us against the AI.

This was followed by stimulating discussions, which showed that there are still many horror stories in people’s minds and the audience asked themselves where we will be in five years’ time due to the fast pace of technology. However, AI should not be viewed in isolation; social structures are often also undergoing change. It is important to get everyone on board and teach future generations how to use AI responsibly and ethically.

The idea of collective agreements in which the rules for the use of AI in companies are agreed remains an exciting impulse at the end of the event.