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Congratulations to Fabian Theis on receiving the Leibniz Prize 2023!

Fabian Theis im Interview
Fabian Theis im Interview

baiosphere is thrilled to congratulate Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis, co-head of the Bavarian AI Council, on receiving the prestigious the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2023.

The German Reserach Foundation decorates Fabian for his outstanding work in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics. As a researcher, Fabian has pioneered the analysis, modelling and interpretation of genomic data as well as the development of new methods for biomedical data analysis, especially for single-cell genomics. Regarding his work, Fabian says: „Biomedical research has been driven by technology for a long time. With the wealth of data coming out of sequencing assays, we have the perfect testbed for pattern mining enabled by AI. Future medicine will be increasingly leveraging such advances for diagnosis, but also understanding disease processes and thereby finding treatments or even prevention measures.“

His achievements at Helmholtz Munich and the Technical University of Munich have already been recognized by numerous other awards, including a highly competitive ERC Advanced Grant in 2022.

baiosphere is especially grateful for Fabian´s commitment to the project Bavarian Cloud for Health Research supported and co-initiated by the Bavarian AI Council. The project is designed to pave the way towards a storage and exchange platform for health data in research. It is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts and the State Ministry of Health and Care.

Fabian´s co-heads of the Bavarian AI Council, Prof. Dr. Sami Haddadin (Leibniz prize awardee in 2019, Technical University of Munich) and Thomas Hahn (Siemens), pay tribute to the awardee „We are incredibly proud of Fabian´s achievements, his dedication to advancing AI research and his commitment to driving real-world impact. He is an inspiration to all of us at baiosphere!“

Thank you, Fabian, for supporting baiosphere and wishing you all the best for your future endeavours fuelled by the Leibniz Prize 2023!