06.10.23, 10:00 Uhr

Augsburg • Dr. Jauwairia Nasir & Dr. Hannes Ritschel
With Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools taking a more central role in various domains such as human-computer interaction, human robot interaction, and behavioral analytics, as well as in application areas like health care, and education, etc., it is becoming more important than ever to implement the technology in an equitable manner. This is to say that while AI has the potential to mitigate disparities, currently the need for efforts towards a more fair human-centered approach is evident due to underrepresentation of population in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, etc. at every stage of the system: from the identification of possible problems solvable by AI, creation of data sets, model development, to the deployment to the feedback loop. This one day workshop on Latest Advancements in Diversifying Human Centered AI aims at bringing experts and researchers alike from the field, especially giving exposure to early stage researchers such as PhDs and postdocs, to share their insights in an interactive format to advance research towards more unbiased data driven solutions in the society via including all stake-holders in the entire problem-solving process.
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