08.05.24, 16:30 Uhr

Online • herCAREER
What if a machine would determine who gets an organ and who does not? Can Artificial Intelligence be fair? Dr. Jana Schaich Borg has spent 24 years researching and understanding how individuals make social decisions and how they impact others. For the past seven years, her focus has been on the interactions of humans and AI. There are two major questions here: How could we build morality into an AI system, so it can interact with society in a way that feels aligned with our human values?

And how do we make sure we as a society employ AI in a way that is in line with our values?

Beyond these big scientific and societal questions, the conversation with Dr. Schaich Borg will dive into the threats and opportunities that arise from AI, the prototypes of moral machines she is working on in her lab and the role women play and must play in shaping a future, where more and more decisions will be made by AI-systems.

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