15.05.24, 18:30 Uhr

Munich • GenAI Wednesday Munich
Dear Innovators, Investors, Angels, Start-ups, and AI Enthusiasts –

Join us for an inspiring evening of insights and discussions at GenAI Wednesday. Dive into the transformations reshaping the media industry, led by one of its pioneers, BurdaForward.

Nadine Noppinger, a key figure at one of Germany's top publishing houses, will guide us through the world of rapid and radical innovation.


- What new media services can generative AI help create and propel?

How can AI enhance existing services and streamline delivery?

- We look forward to seeing you at this transformative evening with AI in Media on Wednesday, May 15! Explore the future of artificial intelligence and its pivotal role in the media landscape.

Why Attend?

- Forward-Thinking Insights: Explore how Artificial Intelligence opens up completely new avenues of value creation in the media world.
- Actionable Approaches: Learn from firsthand experiences about structuring and implementing AI within a media company, from internal workflows to AI-driven user experiences.
- Professional Networking: Engage with peers and thought leaders over refreshments, building relationships that support innovative product development.

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