02.05.24, 18:00 Uhr

München • appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbH, MCML, Liquid Legal Institute e.V., TUM Think Tank
There is lots of talk about bringing Trustworthy AI into practice. In this event we go beyond the mere ideas and discuss with three practitioners about their experiences, including success factors and daily struggles. Using the EU AI Act as a common point for departure, we’ll explore practical intricacies and compare notes from the view of the public sector across Germany, from businesses in Austria and from appliedAI, co-host of this event series.

The event is open and free of charge, and we cordially invite everyone who is interested in operationalising the EU AI Act. In the spirit of comparing notes, we encourage diverse participation from academia and practitioners in industry, the public sector, and in the legal domain.

This event is the first session of a series that is co-organised by appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbh, Liquid Legal Institute e.V., Munich Center for Machine Learning, and the TUM Think Tank. Two further sessions are planned and will be communicated in due time.

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