18.06.24, 18:00 Uhr

Munich • appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbh, Liquid Legal Institute e.V., Munich Center for Machine Learning, and the TUM Think Tank
There is lots of talk about bringing Trustworthy AI into practice. In this event we go beyond the mere ideas and discuss with four legal experts about their perspective and insights. The EU AI Act will be the pivotal point for exciting impulses and a discussion around main legal challenges. We are looking forward to an insightful evening and are encouraging the audience to bring their questions, concerns, and ideas on how to successfully implement the EU AI Act in the German (and European) market.

The event is open and free of charge, and we cordially invite everyone who is interested in the main legal challenges corporates, academia, and the public sector will face regarding the EU AI Act. In the spirit of comparing notes, we encourage diverse participation from academia and practitioners in industry, the public sector, and in the legal domain.

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