11.03.24 - 14.03.24

Deggendorf • THD
The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a major research facility of international standing located near Geneva. Every year, the organisation hosts a series of computer science lectures, the CERN Spring Campus, in one of its 23 member states. In March 2024, this event will take place at Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT).

“CERN Spring Campus was first held in 2014 and brings CERN’s high-tech knowledge to the Member States. Over the course of four days, experts from CERN will give lectures on computer science and share their knowledge,” says Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner, AI professor at DIT. Other key elements of the event include a hackathon and cultural exchanges.

Next year’s CERN Spring Campus will take place at DIT from 11 to 14 March. Lectures will cover topics, such as artificial intelligence, IT security, usability, distributed systems and soft skills. The target group mainly consists of bachelor’s and master’s students of computer science or related degree programmes. A limited number of places are also available for university graduates.

CERN first became aware of DIT as a possible event location through Professor Glauner. The former CERN employee is delighted to continue the collaboration: “So far, I have been able to arrange internships at CERN for several of my students. Now, we are taking a further step with the CERN Spring Campus, bringing CERN’s high-tech knowledge to Lower Bavaria.” Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a certificate worth 2 ECTS credits after successfully passing an examination.

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