04.06.24, 12:00 Uhr

Munich • Nvidia and HPE
If you are an IT professional, Machine Learning Engineer or a Data Scientist tasked with implementing Gen AI Solutions at Scale, then this is the event for you!

What will you get out of the day:

An understanding of the challenges and solutions to successfully deliver Gen AI projects in your organization. Learn:
How to actually build your own ML platform
What infrastructure, platform software and resources you need
How you can scale your AI model training across billions of parameters in an efficient and sustainable way. And why hyper-parameter optimization is key.
How to maintain complete reproducibility through data and experiment lineage
HPE and NVIDIAs joint strategy to help customers leverage Large Language Models and build domain specific RAG application. Learn:
How our direction can improve your business operations
How to avoid the pitfalls and how organizations can fall short
How to avoid escalating costs of cloud and why you should consider on-prem deployment
What kind of business outcomes are possible through this emerging technology
How HPE and NVIDIA provide an unmatched better together solution for Generative AI
Interactive discussions with AI experts o Generative AI and LLMs
Hands-on AI/ML exercises and demonstrations (remember to bring your laptop!)

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