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15.07.24 - 16.07.24

Campus Ottobrunn, Lise-Meitner-Str.9 • Technische Universität München

After our successful AI4EO Symposiums 2021, 2022 and 2023 we invite you to the Symposium of the International Future Lab AI4EO 2024 July 15th-16th at the TUM Campus in Ottobrunn. Stay tuned to get information about how to sign up for two days full of Research highlights, Poster Sessions, Scientific talks and panel discussions … and of course social events.

Organized by the International Future Lab AI4EO and sponsored by the BMBF, the AI4EO Symposium 2024 aims to promote Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation by addressing cutting-edge AI4EO methods and societally relevant applications.

This symposium will feature keynote talk, as well as oral and poster sessions and ample opportunities for networking and discussion. This symposium will offer an excellent opportunity for participants to share their latest research, collaborate, and learn about recent developments in Data Science in Earth Observation.

Topics (not limited to):

· Reasoning
· Uncertainty quantification
· Ethics in AI4EO
· Green AI
· Generalizability and Transferrability
· Physics-Aware Machine Learning
· Societal Relevant Applications of AI4EO (e.g. urbanization, UN’s SDG, climate science, food security etc)

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