08.07.2024, 09:00 Uhr

Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1, Oberschleissheim • EML Munich

With the rise of foundation models, machine learning systems are able to accomplish more than ever before. However, it is still important to incorporate human-centric viewpoints towards understanding them. With this workshop, we aim to bring together the cognitive and technical sides of machine learning, towards a holistic understanding of the systems we work with.

The workshop will consider research on approaches to machine learning and human-centric design and analysis of these models. Topics of interest will include (but will not be limited to):

- Computer vision
- Natural language processing
- Causality
- Human-inspired AI
- Foundation models as models of human cognition

The workshop will contain keynote talks from known researchers in the field, invited talks from Helmholtz AI research groups located in Munich, and posters.

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