09.07.2024, 17:30 Uhr

Munich • appliedAI Institute for Europe gGmbh, Liquid Legal Institute e.V., Munich Center for Machine Learning, TUM Think Tank

The focus of the MCML and LMU event will be to examine the topic of trustworthy AI from a research perspective, focusing on research in AI ethics. It will bring together 3 AI ethics researchers and practitioners to discuss the current state of AI ethics in Europe: What progress have ethicists already made in defining trustworthy AI? What are some of the opportunities and challenges of sharing AI ethics research beyond academia? What might the role of AI ethicists look like in the future to help with the development and use of trustworthy AI?

The event is open and free of charge, and we cordially invite everyone who is interested in the main ethical challenges corporates, academia, and the public sector will face regarding the EU AI Act. In the spirit of comparing notes, we encourage diverse participation from academia and practitioners in industry, the public sector, and in the legal domain.

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