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Bavaria invests 55 million euros in high-performance AI computing infrastructure

With an investment of 55 million euros from the Free State of Bavaria, the computing infrastructure at the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) in Garching and the Regional Computing Center in Erlangen is being significantly expanded. The acquisition of state-of-the-art graphics processingunits (GPUs) increases computing power and thus enables more complex AI experiments and faster scientific breakthroughs in various disciplines.

SuperMUC-NG: A beacon of AI excellence

Garching is home to the SuperMUC-NG, the second most powerful supercomputer in Germany. It will soon be joined by its “twin” SuperMUC-NG2. This infrastructure supports complex AI applications and drives innovation in areas such as healthcare and autonomous driving.

Expansion of state data centers

In addition to the seven existing state data centers, a new center is being built in Markt Schwaben. This project is crucial to meet the growing demand for computing capacity in the public sector and to secure Bavaria’s pioneering role in technology.

Job creation and economic growth

Bavaria’s computing infrastructure is an engine for scientific and economic growth. By 2022, 20,000 people were already working in Bavarian data centers. Further growth is expected due to the favorable environmental and economic conditions. The AI infrastructure creates additional jobs and attracts top scientists and engineers.

Through these investments, Bavaria is not only strengthening its technological capabilities, but also its economic and strategic position in the global AI ecosystem.